Ben Affleck Video Harassing French-Canadian Reporter Surfaces

[UPDATE: 10/11/2017, 6:02 p.m. EST - TV Host Says Ben Affleck Interview Was Taken out of Context]

The barrage of bad publicity for Ben Affleck continues as videos have surfaced revealing a long history of improper behavior from an actor at the peak of his power, using it to make advances on women.

Originally published in 2006, the video resurfacing from 110Films shows Affleck in a junket interview for Jersey Girl with French-Canadian reporter, Anne-Marie Losique. In the interview for Star-TV, Affleck can be seen repeatedly making advances on Losique as she sits on his lap, with him commenting on the likes of her perfume and sexual history.

Within the first minute of the clip -- which was aired and introduced by Losique as being a laughable encounter, Affleck said, "they would like it better if you did the show topless."

He added, "you usually show a lot more cleavage than this, what's the story, why are you covering it up?"

The list of indecent activity goes for another five minutes, of which Affleck rarely discusses the Jersey Girl movie he was promoting but continues to subject the host to his advances. He also appears to have slurred speech and has her sitting on his lap for the entirety of the interview; often nuzzling and cuddling on her.

This was not the first time the two showed off their playful side in interviews, as Losique continued to interview him in the same manner at various junkets.

It is the second such clip of the day showing Affleck making inappropriate contact with a female actress or reporter. A video of Affleck on the set on the set of MTV's Total Request Live showed an alleged groping of One Tree Hill star, Hilarie Burton.


The fallout for Affleck has come on the heels of media magnate, Harvey Weinstein, being implicated in a decades-long pattern of alleged sexual assault and predatory behavior.

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