Bella Thorne Goes Topless in New Snapchat Photo

Bella Thorne posted a promiscuous snapchat photo this week, leaving some fans with their jaws on the floor.

Thorne, a former Disney star, posted a photo of herself standing outside on a finely-manicured lawn surrounded by trees. She wore a pair of tight black jeans and nothing else, and she covered her chest with her hands as she cast a sidelong look at the camera. The actress's reddish-brown hair tumbled all around here as she made a sultry expression.

(Photo: Snapchat / Bella Thorne)

The picture came with no caption and no context. It is far from the most revealing post she has ever put up on social media. The 20-year-old revels in her racy reputation online.

However, Thorne isn't all business online. At the time of this writing, her Instagram Story is filled with clips of herself eating KFC with friends while watching TV. The actress, known for her thin physique, cries out "where's the gravy?" urgently in one of the videos.

On Friday, Thorne debuted a new music video called "B— I'm Bella Thorne." The video exemplifies Thorne's signature mix of glamor and self-effacing humor. It cuts between the actress in high-end outfits and sweatpants, and she appears to mock herself for showing so much skin in public through the images as well as her lyrics.

"Let me show my nipples, what I need a shirt for?" she raps. "B—, you need to learn more / I'm only 20, and I'm clean / By the time I'm 23, I'll probably be the king / Every guy that I meet tryna give me a ring".

"Wake up in the morning and I feel so godly," she continues in a second verse. "Look into the mirror and say 'I love my body' / Everybody dancin' on me, think that I'm zombie / I do lots of things, but none of them are a hobby".

She has spent the time since promoting the video on Twitter and other social media platforms. It was released on Thorne's Filthy Fang, or FF Records, and promises to be the first of many. Thorne posted screenshots showing that the song had reached number two on the United States Viral 50 list on Spotify, and number Four on the Global Viral 50 list. She added the hashtag "can Bella Thorne rap." She and her fans have used the rhetorical tag all week.

While many know Thorne through her TV and movie work, her fans got a closer look at her personal life last month when she was the subject of a short documentary for Vogue. In it, she explained her unique view of social media, especially Instagram, saying that it is a huge source of income for her.

"For [an Instagram] grid posting, it's 65 grand a post," Thorne said. "For story posting, it's anywhere from 10 to 20K, and for Snapchat, it's the same as Insta story."


"I started out at 18 with literally $200 in my bank account and I bought this house a year later, a year and a half," she said. "That's all from social media."