'Jackass' Cast Member Bam Margera Pleads Not Guilty to DUI Charges

Fomer Jackass cast member Bam Margera pleaded not guilty to charges of driving under the influence on Wednesday, according to a report from The Blast.

Margera was originally arrested on Jan. 7 and charged with two counts of DUI, one for having a higher blood alcohol level than 0.08% and once for driving under the influence.

The Blast reports that Margera was originally pulled over when officers noticed he was texting while driving. When officers approached his car, they claim they could smell alcohol. This in turn led to a sobriety check and arrest.

Margera checked himself into rehab following the arrest, though he has since left. If he is found guilty he could be looking to up to six months in jail along with a large fine.

"He decided to go to rehab in L.A. so we're putting that program into place," Margera's mother, April, told Page Six in the days following the arrest. "How long he stays is to be determined but he'll want to keep that private."

"He feels a lot better," she added. "He had a bad night. He's embarrassed by it. He's mad at himself for being stupid. Now he just wants to pick up the pieces and move forward for himself and for his family."

Several of Margera's former cast members have spoken out about the DUI.

"Rehab is good," Steve-O said in an interview, who has also been to rehab and been sober since 2008. "Of course, rehab is just like a gym. Just because you have a membership doesn't mean you are going to get really fit. It depends on what you do when you get there."

"The idea that alcoholism is something you can just do better with, well there is no gray area, you are either sober or you are loaded," he said. "You can't manage it and that is the whole thing."


Other cast members were not so forgiving.

"Super pissed is all I'm going to say," Jason "Wee Man" Acuña told Page Six. "I get pissed at people who I know are drinking and about to drive -- like hell no."