Avril Lavigne Is Nearly Unrecognizable With First Public Appearance in Years

Avril Lavigne is no longer the teenager who wrote the 2002 hit "Complicated." In her first red carpet appearance in two years on April 20, the 33-year-old singer looked very different.

avril lavigne new look
(Photo: Instagram/Avril Lavigne)

Lavigne appeared at the 25th Annual Race to Erase MS Gala in Los Angeles, where she gave Entertainment Tonight an update on her health. Four years ago, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease.

"I'm feeling a lot better," Lavigne told Entertainment Tonight. "It's been a long time. For me to be able to be here and I'm making a record right now. I have my life back which is amazing. It's something I continue to work at every day. And just, like, grateful to be making music."

Lavigne also confirmed she is working on some new music. Her next album will be her first record since her 2013 self-titled album.

"I've written a really powerful record, really emotional album sort of reflecting where I am today," the "Here's To Never Growing Up" singer said. "I'm going to release that this year. I'm actually going to be done in two weeks."

She continued, "I mean, I write all of my songs and I always have, and these songs are different. I'm just sort of writing about what I'm going through now."

In another interview on the red carpet, Lavigne described the new record as "really powerful."

"I've been working on this for three years," Lavigne told E! News. "I can actually say this time I'm going to be done with this album in two weeks and I will put it out this year."

Lavigne initially wanted to release a new album in 2017, but it was delayed because of her health scare. She later took to Instagram to thank her fans for their support and understanding.

In an August Instagram post, she said she was "putting together" a new album.

"It's been a long recovery and I want to make sure that this is perfect for you guys," Lavigne wrote. "You only deserve my best effort and that's what I'm going to deliver."

Although this was Lavigne's first red carpet appearance in two years, the singer has kept her 5.7 million Instagram followers up to date and frequently posts pictures of herself. On May 3, she said she just finished recording the album.

"Wrapping this album is bittersweet. It kind of freaks me out to be this close to the end," Lavigne wrote. "So I'm going to continue with writing because I have been loving it so so so much. I have been able to lose myself in the music and pour my all into it."


Photo credit: Instagram/ Avril Lavigne