Audrey Roloff Gives First Update Since Giving Birth to Ember Jean

It's been almost a week since TLC's Audrey Roloff and husband Jeremy welcomed their first child, daughter Ember Jean.

Since then, the two have been sharing a glimpse of their newfound roles as parents on Instagram, including snapshots of the family as a unit of three.

Roloff even shared an update to her Instagram via the Stories, writing that she has been somewhat feeling the reality of a mother's sleep cycle.

(Photo: Instagram / @audreyroloff)

"I just did the math," Roloff captioned in a black and white image shared via Instagram Stories. "I've slept a total of 7 hours since Ember was born. That's 7 hours in 6 days…yikes."

With her hair tied up and a frown in place, Roloff also revealed how she has been dealing with nursing as a towel can be seen atop her chest.

"And yes…I'm icing my boobs," she wrote.

While Roloff took to Instagram last week to share a new family photo, husband Jeremy also shared an image of he and his wife, Audrey welcoming Ember Jean.

"She's absolutely beautiful — a face that draws you in," he said. "What a miraculous experience. So much to say, but for now we're resting at home soaking in the present — honored that we've been entrusted with this little life."

The new dad goes on to hope his new child will be "a glowing, fierce, and radiant light in this world."



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