Asia Argento Shares New Cheeky Photo of Anthony Bourdain, Sends Mixed Message

Asia Argento has taken to social media to share somewhat of a mixed NSFW message in the wake of [...]

Asia Argento has taken to social media to share somewhat of a mixed NSFW message in the wake of Anthony Bourdain's death.

In the post shared to both Twitter and Instagram, Argento shared two photos, one of herself and one of Bourdain.

Both photos feature the two giving the middle finger to the camera, and it is tough to nail down exactly what Argento means to say with the post.

The post has set off a wave of comments from Twitter users, with many attempting to understand what Argento's motivation was behind the jarring photos.

One person made reference to Bourdain unfollowing Argento on social media before his death, to which someone else stepped in to clarify that the inquiry is something that many people have wondered about.

"And, those of us who are asking aren't looking to blame her, but rather looking for honesty: if they broke up, okay," the user explained. "If she cheated, as crappy as that is & selfish, okay. Own up to whatever did happen instead of covering up & blaming others."

Someone else came to Argento's defense, saying that "she doesn't owe you anything."

"You don't know anything about their relationship," the defensive fan added. "What are you gaining by harassing her? Please remember that you are tweeting at a real person who just lost someone."

While there have been some who have speculated on what the photos mean, there are others who have simply been supportive.

"Authentic people are so rare. Those with genuine roots keep eternal light," one person said. "I hope you never change Asia. You're refreshingly real and it's like oxygen. My planet adores you. AnthonyB~ keep heartsigning where you are. We will keep open hearts and open minds. We miss u here."

"LOVE it! You go girl! [Asia Argento] you just keep inspiring us, sharing your amazing gifts and being an amazing role model," someone else wrote. "I hope you know you are a powerful beacon of light. Keep shining!! Hugs and LOVE from Boston!"

As has been widely reported, Bourdain took his own life while in a hotel room in France on June 8. His body was subsequently cremated and his ashes flown back to the United States to be turned over to his family.