Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Parent Shamed for Crib Choice

Ashton Kutcher has been shamed across social media after he recently revealed that he and Mila Kunis use a robotic crip to rock their baby to sleep.

Kutcher appeared on the Armchair Expert podcast with Dax Shepard, where they talked about their lives as married men with young children. In the course of the conversation, Kutcher admitted that he and his wife, Mila Kunis, use a highly controversial, highly expensive bassinet called the SNOO, made by Happiest Baby.

"For kid number two we got one of those SNOOs," he said, adding that it allowed their son, Dimitri, to sleep for a full six hours straight when he was only three days old. "I'm eternally grateful to the SNOO for that," he said.

Not all parenting experts are fans of the SNOO, however. For one thing, the product costs $1,160 retail, making it more or less impossible for most working parents to afford. For another, many parents are perturbed the nature of the crib, which is designed to essentially lessen the time parents spend hands-on with their babies. After the podcast came out, people came down hard on Kutcher online for what they saw as "lazy" parenting.

"Generations of babies have survived without the SNOO," pointed out one Facebook user. "It's an unnecessary gizmo that will make parents lazy when it comes to caring for their baby. Nothing can replace the human touch. Use the money for the baby's education!"

"U can never replace the time spent rocking ur baby in ur arms," agreed another. "This would be a waste of my money lol."

"I would not recommend this to anyone for home use," stated one person. "What is wrong with this world. Babies need love, holding, and cuddling. We are turning our children into robots not capable of love or caring for anyone. It seems cold and uncaring. This makes me ill."

Others disagreed, feeling that there was nothing wrong with an adaptation that allowed new mothers to get an uninterrupted night's sleep.

"Listen moms have the right to do wahtever it takes you hear me? WHATEVER it takes," wrote one user. "If my kid only sleeps after a bath you best BELIEVE I'm gonna give him like 4 baths a day."

The SNOO had a number of features, including gentle "jiggly rocking" for babies who wake up the middle of the night. It also plays soothing sounds, mimics the rythms of a mother's womb, and alerts parents when their child wakes up via a smartphone app.


While Kutcher has undoubtedly used the crib, he may not be mentioning it out of the goodness of his heart or to spread the good word. The company posted his testimonial online, leading many cynical commenters to assume he was paid for the endorsement.

(Photo: Instagram @happiest_baby)