Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He Won't Press Charges After Shocking South Africa Attack

Arnold Schwarzenegger won't be taking legal action against the South African fan who dropkicked him during an Arnold Classic Africa event. The former California governor wasn't injured as a result of the incident.

On Sunday, Schwarzenegger, 71, shared an update with followers announcing that he wouldn't be pressing charges on the individual, PEOPLE reported. He said in a tweet that he had been asked by several fans, and that he wanted to person responsible to view this as a second chance to get his act together.

"I hope this was a wake-up call, and he gets his life on the right track. But I'm moving on and I'd rather focus on the thousands of great athletes I met at [The Arnold Classic] Africa," Schwarzenegger tweeted.

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(Photo: Twitter/@schwarzenegger)

Footage from the incident went viral on Saturday. The clip showed Schwarzenegger meeting with fans when a man ran behind him and took to the air, kicking the Terminator star in the back. The actor was sent forward into the crowd. His attacker was quickly grabbed up by security, who started shouting for help. Schwarzenegger fell to the ground from surprise, but got up unhurt.

He tweeted about it not long after it happened, saying that there was "nothing to worry about." Schwarzenegger told Twitter followers he thought the bump was just an over-excited crowd.

"I'm just glad the idiot didn't interrupt my Snapchat," Schwarzenegger tweeted.

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(Photo: Twitter/@schwarzenegger)

Although the action hero laughed off the incident, his fans were appalled by what happened. Commenters shared their opinions on social media, with many calling for action.

"I can't express how deeply saddened and embarrassed I am as a South African. Stay safe champ," one person tweeted.

"I hope he broke his foot for [kicking] the Terminator," another chimed in.

Some, however, seemed to agree with Schwarzenegger's approach. Several Twitter users joked that he'd be far too strong to knock over with a single kick, given his background as a bodybuilder and action film star. Most simply sent well wishes.


Schwarzenegger was in South Africa to judge the Arnold Classic, which is just one of several different sporting events named for him. Fans feared the kick would keep him from returning, but it doesn't seem he's too troubled by the incident.

The actor hasn't said any more about the kick online, and probably won't. He repeatedly asked fans to focus their energy instead on the Arnold Classic participants.