Ariel Winter Reveals New Eyebrows in Instagram Selfie Video

Ariel Winter got her eyebrows done on Wednesday, and the actress used Instagram to reveal her fresh new look with her fans.

Sharing a quick video to her Instagram story, Winter posed in a car, turning her face to show off the best possible view of her newly sculpted brows.

Clad in a white tank top, the Modern Family star had her black hair pulled back into a ponytail, keeping her look fully fresh-faced with a pair of black sunglasses resting on her head.

(Photo: Instagram / @arielwinter)

"My brows have literally never looked better I'm f—ing hype rn!!!!" she wrote on the video. "Also ft my dry as f— lips - thank u LA dryness :))))"

Winter is an avid social media user and recently took to Twitter to slam paparazzi for taking a photo of her and boyfriend Levi Meaden and trying to angle the image as a proposal shot.

"Levi ties my shoe after lunch and now it's apparently a fun pre proposal for the cameras according to the internet???????? dead," she wrote. "Dude we didn't even notice you until you jumped from behind a tree & just nope."

The photos featured Meaden bending down, clearly only to tie his girlfriend's shoe, before the pair noticed the paparazzi and appeared surprised.

Winter and Meaden have been dating for more than a year, and the actor spoke to People in May about dealing with being in a relationship in the public eye.

"I still am trying to navigate it," Meaden said. "I try to keep relatively the same. I've always kind of been a homebody so that's still the same. I just go out and come back home with my girlfriend and three dogs and chill out. I try to make sure I don't change too much because I like that. This is what I do for a job, but the home and family is where the actual life is, so I try to keep that in mind."

As the pair are both a part of the television industry, Meaden shared that it's nice to have someone he can go to when it comes to his career.

"It helps when it's somebody else who is in the industry," he explained. "It helps when you get a role and run it past each other and see what they think and read the script and try things. It's really helpful."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @arielwinter