Ariana Grande Defends Fiance Pete Davidson After Website Pokes Fun at His Appearance

Ariana Grande defended her fiance, Pete Davidson, after Barstool Sports made fun ot his appearance.

On Thursday, Bartstool Sports, a site well-known for its off-color humor, posted an article titled "Does Pete Davidson Have Butthole Eyes?" The site also tweeted the question, alongside a photo of the Saturday Night Live comedian with Grande on the red carpet at Monday's MTV Video Music Awards.

"Y'all do kno this man has an auto immune disease ...... right ? ..... like you do understand what you're doing when u do this right ? jus wanna make sure," Grande replied.

Grande is referring to Davidson's Crohn's disease. He was diagnosed with the condition when he was a teenager and has said he used marijuana to help elevate the symptoms.

"I got Crohn's disease when I was 17 or 18. And I found that medicines that the doctors were prescribing me and seeing all these doctors and trying new things … weed would be the only thing that would help me eat," Davidson told High Times in October 2016. "My stomach would be in pain all day and I wouldn't be able to eat, but then I'd smoke and I can eat and do my shows."

Barstool Sports later responded to Grande's tweet with a screenshot of a Page Six article, which quotes a doctor who said Grande was incorrect in her valiant effort to defend Davidson.

"The reason they're sunken is because people with Crohn's disease can sometimes become dehydrated," Dr. Albert Knapp, a New York City gastroenterologist, told Page Six of Davidson's eyes. "But when you rehydrate, they return to normal. Crohn's disease does not directly cause eyes that look sunken in... There's no direct correlation between Crohn's disease and sunken eyes."

According to the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, Crohn's disease is a "chronic inflammatory condition of the gastrointestinal tract."

Some of the symptoms of the autoimmune disease include diarrhea, abdominal cramps and pain, constipation, rectal bleeding, weight loss, fatigue, night swears and loss of appetite. It is a chronic condition, meaning that patients can experience times when the disease flares up and other times when they feel no symptoms.

As for the dark circles under Davidson's eyes on Monday, they could have also been caused by a number of other reasons, including fatigue and allergies, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Grande and Davidson got engaged in June, after only a month of dating. Their MTV VMA appearance was their first time on the red carpet as a couple. In an interview with Good Morning America, Grande said they will marry next year, and plan to take their time planning the wedding.


"We're going to take our time to plan it," Grande said. "We've been like planning and my friends and I, my mom and everybody have been like, brainstorming and sharing ideas and stuff, and it's really fun. I work so much. I've never spent this much time or energy planning something personal that feeds my soul so much and my heart. I'm going to cry. I'm so excited. It's sick. It's really fun."

Photo credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic/Getty Images