Antonio Brown Targets Ex Chelsie Kyriss With Series of Heated Messages

Former New England Patriots receiver Antonio Brown turned heads on Thursday when he sent out a [...]

Former New England Patriots receiver Antonio Brown turned heads on Thursday when he sent out a tweet that simply read: "No more white woman 2020." There was no context provided at the time, and many bystanders wanted to know what exactly was going on. NFL Network reporter Amber Theoharis even responded by asking if Brown was talking about the complete annihilation of white women.

The answer was finally revealed when news broke that Brown and his ex-girlfriend, Chelsie Kyriss, had split and were going through some drama. The free-agent receiver tagged his now-ex in a series of posts on Instagram Stories and even said that she was simply his "baby mama."

The rant did not end there, however, as Brown posted about making a diss track about white women called "Mudshark." He also wrote: "Even a Dog got better sense to bite the hand that feed him" on Twitter.

Brown and Kyriss have been on and off throughout their relationship despite having three children together. The receiver once left her for Instagram model Jena Frumes, but the couple later got back together. They have remained seemingly happy ever since, but the latest update puts the relationship in peril.

What caused this drama? Initially, it appears that Brown has accused Kyriss of infidelity, posting screenshots of a conversation between her and a man only identified as "David." In the text exchange, the pair talk about hitting Brown's pockets for thousands of dollars.

However, Brown's ex did later respond to him on social media. She wrote that he was taking messages out of an old phone from 2012 while trying to play the victim. Kyriss also said that she has pictures to end Brown's entire life.

"If only the world knew the TRUTH about you," she wrote in response.

Interestingly enough, Brown did later tell people on social media that they need to chill due to him being a rapper now. He has been working with Sean Kingston and even recently debuted a new track. Brown also posted a video on social media that showed him stepping up to a microphone in order to record some new lyrics. Although he was first laughing about how raspy his voice sounded at the time.

The free-agent receiver isn't expected to return to the NFL in the coming weeks, which would bring his 2019 season to an end with only 56 receiving yards and one touchdown. For now, he will focus on the ongoing relationship drama while sending out tweets about his personal life.

(Photo Credit: Michael Reaves/Getty)