Anne Hathaway Floors Kelly Clarkson With 'Since U Been Gone' Cover

Anne Hathaway brought Kelly Clarkson to her knees – literally – with a rendition of the singer's iconic anthem "Since U Been Gone." The Oscar-winning actress faced off against Clarkson during her talk show Tuesday as the two played a game dubbed "Sing That Name That Tune." To win the game, Hathaway and Clarkson were challenged with being the first to sing the correct song after hearing just a few moments of the music – and Hathaway was walking away with the win right off the bat. 

As Clarkson begged the band to play a song she knew, they obliged, playing Clarkson's own song. But in a shocking moment of victory, it was Hathaway who figured out "Since U Been Gone" first, launching into her own rendition of the song before the singer had the chance. Realizing she'd been bested at her own song, Clarkson fell to her knees, bringing her face down to the ground in a moment of embarrassment. 

"How did you know it from just that?" Clarkson shouted at Hathaway, who answered that "we all love that song," saying kindly, "Everybody here knew it." Clarkson even owned up, telling Hathaway, "This is embarrassing," and saying defeatedly, "Jesus, take the wheel."

Hathaway's skills on the mic might have been unexpected, but the rave reviews for her acting opposite Jared Leto in the new Apple TV+ series WeCrashed is not. "We just played, literally we just played," she told PopCulture of being on set with Leto ahead of last week's premiere. "There [weren't] like meetings where we sat down and strategized how we were going to do things. He showed up, I think it was my third day of filming, ... and Adam [Neumann] was there. And I can't explain it – [it] was something kind of just mysterious – when Adam showed up, Rebekah landed in me."

Hathaway recalled trying to "find the voice" for Rebekah, but as soon as she heard Leto as his character, "he was like a tuning fork and I just knew how to speak." She continued, "By the third take, we were improvising and dancing and just falling, and it just felt like that, and then we just, for six months, we just tried to honor that. We didn't really consciously do anything. We just kept opening and trusting and being really grateful to each other."