Anna Faris Teams With Clorox to Support Teachers and Promote Clean Spaces (Exclusive)

Anna Faris, the multi-talented actress and podcast host, has teamed with Clorox for the [...]

Anna Faris, the multi-talented actress and podcast host, has teamed with Clorox for the back-to-school season not just for their mass appeal in their collection's impressive cleansing qualities found in each of their products, but for a good cause that benefits Americans across the country. In addition to using the brand's products to clean her own home, Faris is partnering with the brand thanks to their partnership with — a charity that provides funding to educators in the U.S. Clorox is donating $150,000 towards the platform's efforts to help teachers buy school supplies and fund projects for their classrooms. Faris, who has several educators in her family, tells exclusively she was more than happy to help raise awareness.

(Photo: Diane Bondareff/Invision for Clorox/AP Images)

"I wanted to partner up with Clorox for this back to school season, for a couple of reasons. One, I feel like I'm a sanitary person, but I'm not the tidiest person. So, I use Clorox wipes all the time because they're so easy and they kill 99.9 percent of germs," Faris told in a phone interview Thursday. "What's really meaningful to me is that Clorox donated $150,000 to, which is a fantastic organization that allows teachers to submit projects they need for the classroom so they can help create safe creative work spaces. And that means a lot to me. I have three family members that are educators, so I understand that resources get stretched. So, it's really important to me."

As far as the Clorox products she uses in her day-to-day life at home, the Mom and Scary Movie actress keeps the company's wipes on hand in case she has to clean up any messes. In particular, she cited a rather embarrassing bathroom mess her 7-year-old son Jack recently made.

"For me, it's like ease of use. The other day, Jack called me into the bathroom and he was showing me how he could pee all over the place, he could hit different targets. Which was amusing for him. I think he even said, 'Look, it's almost like a science project.' So then it makes it very easy to clean up a child's urine," she laughed. "I think that it's handy. I have them all over the house. They're in the kitchen. They're in the bathroom, the garage."

Faris, 42, also talked about how she likes to keep herself in a clean and tidy environment in order to stay productive. That's something that she's only realized recently and wants Jack to learn that lesson early in life.

(Photo: Diane Bondareff/Invision for Clorox/AP Images)

"I do think that having a very cluttered mind myself and that an organized space and a clean space is incredibly helpful to me. I wish I had learned that a little bit early in life. I think I'm still learning it," Faris said. "I do think that it's important for me to be able to sit Jack down when he has homework — because he has homework now; I can't even believe it — but to be able to sit him down in an organized, clean space makes him focus a little bit better."

She even tries to get Jack involved in the cleaning process, but it doesn't always go well. The actress, who also appeared in The House Bunny and Just Friends, confessed she has to offer little bribes every now and then to get him cleaning.

"I kind of bribe," she said. "What's tricky is that I think it's very difficult for a mom or a parent to be (stern) because the kids know that they can push back. Like when I watch Jack at school, he will listen to the teachers. They all are doing their chores or their cleanup and they listen and whatever. And then when he gets home, he's like, 'No, I don't want to' or 'What are you going to give me?' And it's like, 'OK, here's this $2 bill if you make your bed' or whatever. It's the negotiating that they learn so quickly."

"I'm still learning," she added, lighthearted. "I think I'm a bit of a sucker."

Photo Credit: Diane Bondareff/Invision for Clorox/AP Images