Amy Schumer Turned up on 'Judge Judy' and People Are So Confused

As she is often known to do, Amy Schumer found herself at the center of hilarious controversy when viewers of Judge Judy noticed the comedienne in the background during a recent episode of the show.

Schumer posted a screenshot of herself on her Instagram with the caption, "Hell yeah! You know I was in the audience on [Judge Judy]. My sister and I sat in on the cases for the day because we love her!!!!!"

Additionally, Schumer posted another photo on her Instagram that showed her sitting in Judge Judy's seat at the bench.

No look pass from @byrdthebailiff #dreams

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Twitter users who spotted Schumer on the show were confounded and took to the social network to express their confusion. One user wrote, "I do believe that is [Amy Schumer] on [Judge Judy]... and she ain't buyin this guy's story."

Another wrote, "1. Why is [Judge Judy] taking cases about [Yu Gi Oh] 2. What you doing [Amy Schumer]; why you at Judge Judy."

Many of the sentiments were similar, with most fans and followers just desperately wanting to know why Schumer was there.

"Is datamyschumer in the bg and if it is, why is she in judge judy's audience/crowd," wrote a surprised viewer.


Some just accepted it as a fact, however, as one person summed up, "Because when you're Amy Schumer you just pop into a Judge Judy taping."