Amy Schumer Jokes She Can't Watch 'Handmaid's Tale' After Birth of Son Gene

Amy Schumer might have traded one of today's most popular TV shows for motherhood, she joked in her latest baby picture.

Schumer is over the moon for her infant son Gene, born last month. The 38-year-old comedian has been characteristically candid about the process of raising a newborn, for better or for worse. On Tuesday night, she even admitted that Gene is keeping her from enjoying Handmaid's Tale.

"Oh okay so I can't watch Handmaids anymore," Schumer wrote alongside a selfie with her sleeping baby. She added the hashtag "filled with regret."

(Photo: Instagram @amyschumer)

Hulu's dystopian drama is not exactly a warm and fuzzy kind of show, and for a new mother it may not be the ideal influence. The show takes place in a dark futuristic version of the U.S., where women are valued for fertility in a repressive, totalitarian regime. As joyful as motherhood is for Schumer, she may not want to be in that headspace as she raises Gene.

Schumer's Instagram followers tended to agree with her in the comment section. Many echoed her feelings, saying that they had dropped off on the show when real life motherhood took over. Some even said that they did not have kids, but still couldn't watch the show out of empathy with the characters.

"EXACTLY. That is what I keep talking about," wrote singer Brandi Carlile. "It's called 'debilitating empathy.'"

Schumer's candid journey through pregnancy has been a comfort and an inspiration to fans, as many have told her. On Wednesday, her Instagram Story was a compilation of clips of her throwing up while on tour. The comedian suffered from severe morning sickness, motion sickness and general stomach issues. This is a common part of pregnancy that much of the media ignores, and fans loved Schumer's unflinching honesty about it.

"Amy. I'm 14 weeks pregnant. I just puked so hard I peed myself. Thank you for being real," one person commented.

Schumer gave birth on May 5 to her first child — a healthy baby boy she shares with husband Chris Fischer. The two married in February of 2018. Fischer is a professional chef and, now, the butt of many of Schumer's jokes in her latest stand-up routine.

Schumer recorded a new stand-up special during her pregnancy titled Growing. It was released earlier this year before she gave birth, and featured her unique take on the process.


Handmaid's Tale is still ongoing, despite having surpassed the novel that is its source material. Season 3 of the series premiered on Wednesday, June 5 on Hulu.