Amber Rose Says There Is One Woman She Would 'Marry and Cook Dinner Every Night' For

The third annual Amber Rose SlutWalk took place this past weekend in Downtown Los Angeles and the model-actress turned social advocate took to the stage and professed her love for another woman.

In the video shown above, high-profile attorney Lisa Bloom welcomed Rose to the stage with a bouquet of flowers where the two shared a hug and then a special message from the performer.

"I think I might be a lesbian because I want to marry Lisa Bloom," Rose said. "I'd marry her and cook her dinner every night."

Bloom has become a champion for positive change in Hollywood as she has represented actress Janice Dickinson in her defamation case against actor and comedian Bill Cosby, as well as model and actress Mischa Barton in her revenge porn case, which litigation successfully blocked the distribution of images and videos illegally obtained of Barton, and Bloom was also hired by model Blac Chyna to obtain a temporary restraining order against socialite Rob Kardashian, with whom Chyna shares a daughter, Dream, after Kardashian posted sexually explicit images on social media.

Bloom is the daughter of equally prolific lawyer Gloria Allred and she is best known for utilizing her media and legal strategy to bring about the removal from television of career sexual harasser, Bill O'Reilly.

She told that she loved hearing the comment from someone she considers a dear friend.

"Amber is a bold, beautiful and brilliant feminist activist, and if she wants to marry me my husband is in big trouble!," Bloom said. "Amber stands with victims of slut shaming like Blac Chyna, brings me women in crisis to fight for, and reaches out to women in need.

"She is a feminist in her own way, on her own terms -- perfect. I loved the SlutWalk and can't wait until next year's."

The Amber Rose SlutWalk is a non-profit event that has furthered the movement towards gender equality, with further goals of eliminating rape culture, victim blaming, slut and body shaming as well as other social injustice issues.

In the first SlutWalk, Rose spoke publicly about the instances of shaming she has experienced. She went on to cite an incident in her teenage years when when a male classmate pulled his genitals out while in a closet with her playing "7 Minutes in Heaven." Rose told the crowd that he tricked her into kneeling down in front of him, then threw open the closet door for all of their friends to see, and suggested that oral sex had taken place.


Rose has consistently been on forefront of women's rights and a leader in the community speaking out bullying, derogatory labeling, violence and marginalization of groups. She has been vulnerable in demonstrating for her audience the depth of trauma she has experienced and shares strength in making all people feel appreciated and equal.

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