Amber Rose and Danielle Bregoli End up Chilling in Hot Tub Together

Amber Rose and Danielle Bregoli are becoming extremely close, as the two posed for a video in a hot tub together on Saturday.

Both Rose and Bregoli posted the vide on their Instagram stories. It showed the two of them bathed in purple light and bubbly water, batting their lashes at the camera on Rose's phone. A filter adorned each of them with a flower near one ear.

"Yeah, so I'm just here, chilling with my daughter," Rose said in the clip. "We in the motherf--ing hot tub. Mommy's baby." Both began to laugh as the video ended.

Bregoli rose to fame after a clip of her appearance on Dr. Phil went viral in 2016. She threatened to fight every member of the studio audience, and the Internet lovingly dubbed her the "cash me ousside" girl. However, Bregoli was not content with her 15 minutes of fame, and has since established a substantial following as a rapper under the name Bhad Bhabie.

As for how she ended up in a hot tub with Rose, that remains unclear. The nature and origin of their friendship is not known, and a report by TMZ notes that the two have no notable famous mutual friends.

However, Bregoli does have a history of cozying up to famous people -- even those who don't seem friendly at first.

Bregoli had a public feud with comedian David Spade starting in May of 2017, when he took a photo with her and then mocked her on Instagram.

"How bow dis," Spade wrote in the caption, adding: "(@bhadbhabie is slightly underwhelmed to meet me). Unfortunately she stopped being famous 5 minutes before this was taken."

(Photo: Instagram @davidspade)

He turned out to be wrong, however, as Bregoli struck back, informing Spade that she thought he was a waiter.

Once again, an exchange of insults turned lucrative for Bregoli, as last month, Spade made a cameo in her new music video for "Gucci Flip Flops." He doesn't just appear briefly in the video, either -- the song pauses halfway through for a full-blown skit featuring the legendary comedian.


Despite her recent success, Bregoli has not lost the attitude that got her to where she is. When "Gucci Flip Flops" came out, the 15-year-old hit a massive milestone by matching LeAnn Rimes with three songs on the charts at once. The two are the only women in 20 years to make that achievement, but Bregoli had no idea who her industry peer was.

"Who is that? Busta Rhymes' sister?" Bregoli said when TMZ reporters asked her about the success.