Amanda Bynes Reportedly Ordered to Enter Psychiatric Facility Amid Split From Fiance

Amanda Bynes has reportedly been ordered to enter a psychiatric facility amid ongoing concern for her mental health. The news comes just after her now ex-fiancé Paul Michael confirmed over the weekend that they have called off their 3-week engagement.

According to sources who spoke to The Blast, the former Nickelodeon star, her family, and Michael met for a conservatorship hearing last week, during which a judge ordered Bynes seek professional treatment. During the meeting, details of the actress' and Michael's engagement and her current mental state were discussed.

Although Bynes was reportedly allowed to leave the hearing, having promised that she would voluntarily check herself into the live-in facility over the weekend, the actress is now reportedly refusing to do so. According to sources, Bynes "never showed up" to the facility and she is "refusing to cooperate."

At this time, it remains unclear what further steps will be taken. Her family is now reportedly encouraging her to follow through with her promise to voluntarily check herself into the facility.

The sources add that the situation has been taxing on Michael, who was "freaked out" after hearing the details discussed in the Thursday hearing and is currently "freaking out now" after realizing how poor her current mental health is. The hearing also reportedly shed light on many of the details of her life Bynes had told him, which were not actually happening.

Michael is now said to be worried how about how the ordeal may be a threat to his sobriety and does not wish to do anything "that would get him in trouble with the judge or others in this case." He doesn't want to be blamed for Bynes' current mental state. The sources claim that this partially contributed to the decision to end their engagement.

Concern over Bynes' mental health has been growing in recent weeks, with fans citing concern over her well-being following her quick engagement to Michael, whom she had reportedly only been dating for "several months." Prior to that, fans expressed worry after she debuted her first face tattoo.


In January of 2019, the actress had checked into a Los Angeles rehab facility, reportedly feeling too much pressure to work in Hollywood again, where she was treated for mental health issues and drug addiction.

In December of that year, she checked herself out of a sober living facility that she had voluntarily checked herself into. Bynes was to be "open to getting help" at the time.