Alec Baldwin Details Anger Management Class He Took After Parking Lot Arrest to Howard Stern

Alec Baldwin is explaining his actions behind an altercation over a parking spot outside his New York City home that led to his arrest last year.

The 30 Rock alum sat down with Howard Stern on Stern's SiriusXM radio show on Wednesday, getting candid about the incident with his neighbor.

Baldwin, 60, alleged that the man he confronted had snagged a parking spot in front of his house, and said he felt that the man potentially posed a threat to his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, and their child, who were standing on the curb when the man parked his car "aggressively."

"I just felt that what he did was impolite, bordering on dangerous," he said.

Ultimately, the actor pleaded guilty to harassing the man and agreed to a one-day anger management class to resolve the criminal case against him. Prosecutors revealed they were willing to drop the assault charge and stick with second-degree harassment violation at the time.

Baldwin's neighbor claimed that the actor punched him in the jaw, but surveillance footage showed that Baldwin did not punch him. The two men could be seen getting into a physical altercation, shoving each other.

In the deal, Baldwin was also ordered to pay a $120 fine.

Speaking to Stern, he shared a few fascinating aspect he learned about himself, having attended other anger management classes in the past.

"When you go to anger management you realize you’re not that angry," he said with a laugh, explaining how the stories he heard about other people's anger and outbursts dwarfed his own anger issues.

Elsewhere during the interview, he also shared that he's been following Saturday Night Live comic Pete Davidson's advice when it comes to staying fit. "Pete Davidson said, 'Do 100 push-ups a day, every day," he shared. "And I do it now, I do more. I do like 125, 150. You build up."


Baldwin and Davidson have worked together frequently over the last two years thanks to the popularity of Baldwin's impersonation of President Donald Trump on SNL.

Baldwin mocked his own arrest on a December episode of SNL, in which he was in character as Trump. While he delivered a solo monologue, he switched characters for one line and one camera take. "God, I haven't been this upset since I flipped out over that parking space," he said casually. He gave the audience a second to catch up with the sly line, puckering his lips and tensing his face in one of his signature expressions in his presidential impression.