Al Roker Gives New Update After Surgery

TODAY Show weatherman Al Roker has given a new update on his health, after having surgery [...]

TODAY Show weatherman Al Roker has given a new update on his health, after having surgery recently.

The TV personality initially said that he had to have "emergency carpal tunnel surgery," but has since walked back that claim just slightly.

"Ok. Instead of 'emergency' carpal tunnel surgery, let's say unplanned carpal tunnel surgery and move on," Roker wrote in a tweet sent on Wednesday afternoon.

The surgery was needed after an issue came up with Roker's thumb, for which he sought medical advice. Doctors notified him that the operation would be necessary, so he had it done right away.

His new comment seems to imply that he was getting ridicule for calling the carpal tunnel medical procedure an "emergency," which some of his followers supported him in.

"I've had my left done 2 years ago and I am getting right done in 3 weeks. Good luck and speedy recovery. It wasn't bad at all," one fan tweeted to him.

"You don't need to say anything Al. We love you an hope your mending," another commented.

Roker first revealed news of his surgery on the TODAY Show, telling his co-hosts that, "It had just gotten progressively worse to the point where Thursday, I lost use of my thumb during rehearsals."

The rehearsals that Roker refers to are for the Broadway play Waitress, which he will be appearing in for a few weeks starting this month.

Roker will be making his make his Broadway debut as Ol' Joe, the gruff diner owner, in Waitress. He'll be singing the song, "Take It From an Old Man," and hopes to have his bandages removed by the night of his debut.

"That's not stopping," he said of producers plans for the him in the role, later quipping, "They are putting an ace bandage around my mouth [though] because they've heard my singing."

It was in early September that Roker first announced he'd be joining the cast of Waitress. "I have less than one month to prepare," he stated, later joking, "I think as a singer, I'm a terrific weatherman."

Roker will be appearing in the show starting Friday, Oct. 5 and staying on until Nov. 11.