Remembering That Bonkers Al Pacino Dunkin' Donuts Commercial

Al Pacino once acted as a celebrity spokesperson for Dunkin Donuts and the Oscar winner was featured in a bizarre commercial for the baked goods chain. The advertisement saw the Hollywood legend in one of the most surprising roles of his career: a rapper.

The ad opens up with the 77-year-old actor walking into a Dunkin Donuts location and proclaiming that he no longer goes by Al Pacino, but rather by "Dunk-a-cino."

Pacino then breaks out into a fully choreographed performance to go with a rap tune about his new moniker. In the opening verse, Pacino parodies his famous line from Scarface.

"Say hello to my chocolate blend!" he says.

Pacino then opens up his jacket to reveal a donut-patterned vest that matches the inner-lining of the jacket.

While dropping more lines about how tasty the beverages and baked goods are at Dunkin Donuts, and about Dunk-a-cino being a cool name, Pacino dances under flashing lights alongside other employees and customers in the store. Check out the clip above.

The video is actually part of a longer commercial that was filmed alongside comedian Adam Sandler. The segment ends with Pacino and Sandler in a room watching the video and Pacino demanding that the tape "be burned."

Even though the clip of Pacino rapping is a throwback clip, it is still just as bizarre to watch all over again. Watch the full commercial here.




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