Addison Rae Dodges Questions About Bryce Hall Cheating Rumors

Addison Rae isn't talking when it comes to the cheating allegations swirling around her and Bryce [...]

Addison Rae isn't talking when it comes to the cheating allegations swirling around her and Bryce Hall. The TikTok star dodged questions from paparazzi about rumors that her boyfriend cheated on her with Samantha Salvador (a.k.a. Saiviantha) over the weekend during a trip to Las Vegas, staying mostly silent when confronted leaving lunch at Crossroads.

When asked about the speculation surrounding Hall and Salvador, she responded simply, "I don't think I want to talk about anything to do..." she said before trailing off. The social media personality then refused to answer any further questions about the future of Braddison, posing with a fan for a selfie before getting into her car and driving away. Cheating rumors have been following Hall for a while now, beginning after he was spotted hanging out with Loren Gray.

Those rumors compounded after he was seen dining with Tana Mongeau over the weekend, allegedly buying her flowers while Rae and Dixie D'Amelio sat at another table without talking to or acknowledging the pair. Rae tweeted not long after that she was considering buying herself flowers, but "preferably not white or red roses," which her fans took as a dig at Hall. YouTuber Keemstar also published alleged leaked texts from Dana Wolf in which she claims to have hooked up with Hall twice over the weekend in Vegas, although the texts have not been verified as being real and could easily have been faked to add to the drama.

Hall himself has denied being unfaithful to Rae, tweeting Monday simply, "I didn't cheat on addison." Salvador also came out and denied she had any kind of inappropriate relationship with Hall, saying in a video she met his team in Vegas as a "business networking type of thing." While they hung out, Salvador said "there was nothing that happened that I constituted at disloyal at all," even saying she saw Hall on FaceTime with Rae "multiple times."

"From what I saw in the six hours that I've known those guys, he handled himself in a very conducive way, in terms of he acted like he had a girlfriend," she continued, adding there was nothing she saw she would "label sketchy or weird" as far as his behavior. "We respect relationships out here, so all that stuff is honestly just so blown out of proportion," she added.