Actor Hit With Spinal Injury After Trampoline Accident

A well-known actor is currently recovering from a serious back injury after reportedly attempting a backflip on a trampoline while on vacation. Diganth Manchale was admitted to Manipal hospital first but was transferred to Bangalore for closer treatment. Interestingly enough, it is an act that the actor has become known for doing.

"Diganth suffered a 'sports injury' and is undergoing a detailed evaluation before a surgical procedure was conducted," Dr. Shankar B C, Head of Medical Services Manipal hospitals said in a statement. The family told local news that the incident left Manchale with a "dislocation of the cervical vertebra." His father also expanded on the injury.

"Yesterday, in Goa, he was doing some sports activity. He was on the trampoline and suddenly he fell on his back. It's a bit serious (injury) as there is a dislocation of the cervical vertebra. His fingers started numbing and since they didn't have the proper equipment (to treat him) they thought they will shift him to Bangalore," he wrote. "But it was not advisable to shift him to Bangalore in this condition. I believe there was some arrangement by the Goa government and they arranged special aircraft for them. They are now on the way to Bangalore right now. They will land at the HAL airport and straight away shift him to Manipal. they will see the condition and most probably do the surgery today itself or tomorrow morning."

The injury is surprising given the actor's background as a "fitness freak" and "adventure junkie," often taking part in adventure sports, rock climbing, cycling, surfing, scuba diving, and more. The backflip is actually one of his "signature" moves, according to News18, and he's shown it off on his Instagram page several times.

"He does the back flip so well and it is something that we all envy," a friend of the actor told the outlet. "It was one such incident that could have caused this injury."


The actor is no stranger to injuries, though. In 2016 he was injured while filming Ticket to Bollywood opposite Amyra Dastur, who was scripted to throw a stiletto at him. The shoe did hit him, but the heel contacted the eye and injured his cornea. The injury landed him in the hospital and with several surgeries to fix. Hopefully his recovery this time around goes smoothly.