Aaron Carter Explains Meaning Behind His New Face Tattoo

Aaron Carter’s new massive face tattoo of Medusa may be raising some eyebrows, but to the “Sooner or Later” singer, the ink holds special meaning. Addressing the new body art while speaking with Entertainment Tonight at the 100th episode celebration of WE tv’s Marriage Boot Camp, Carter explained that the tattoo honors his mother, Jane Carter, and her role as protector in his life.

“Medusa is my protector. If you want to come at me with some negativity, my Medusa will stare you in the eye and turn you into stone," Carter explained, adding that he got the tattoo to honor his mother, whom he sees as his Medusa, or the woman who is his protector.

“This is the love of my life right here," he said of Jane, who is set to appear with her son on the upcoming season of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition, which she says she saw as an opportunity for them to reconnect after years of being estranged.

“We weren't really talking that much. We talked a little bit, but we didn't really know each other anymore," Jane told the outlet. “This helped us to get to know each other again, and it was wonderful."

The mother-son’s time on the series will be an emotional one, as they will tackle a number of heavy issues, as evidenced in a recently-released clip showing Carter opening up about the guilt he feels over the deaths of his father and sister.

“I felt like I had been responsible for the death of my sister, for the death of my dad, for my family falling apart,” Carter said in the clip, adding that he’s felt like an adult since the age of 16, when his career was at its peak.

The season comes amid several headline-making events in Carter’s life, including the news that his sister, Angel, and older brother Nick took out restraining orders against him, claiming that Carter had threatened them and their families. The reports sparked major concern over Carter’s mental health, worry that only deepened after Carter debuted his fresh ink earlier this

Carter got the new ink, an image of Rihanna's 2013 Medusa-inspired cover photo for GQ magazine, ink late last month, recruiting Herchell Carrasco, who goes by RockRollG, for the tattoo session. Although Carrasco admitted that he was initially reluctant to ink such a large tattoo on Carter’s face, he explained that the singer seemed to be of sound mind at the time.

“Before I tattoo anyone, I take into consideration their mental state ... in Aaron’s case, I assessed the situation and I genuinely felt he was in a good place mentally to get tattooed,” he said, adding that Carter “was in a good state of mind.”


Carter also recently debuted a new neck tattoo, which is believed to be of a lion.

Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition returns to We tv on Friday, Oct. 11 at 10 p.m. ET.