50 Cent Goes After Wendy Williams After Divorce Announcement, and Fans Aren't Here For It

Rapper 50 Cent mocked Wendy Williams in the wake of her divorce filing this week, and fans are sympathizing with the talk show host.

Williams and 50 Cent — whose real name is Curtis Jackson — have a long and meandering history of feuds. On Thursday, news broke that Williams had served her husband, Kevin Hunter, with divorce papers at work. Jackson took the opportunity to mock Williams on social media.

"What the f— kinda Crack make you look like this," Jackson wrote alongside a candid photo of Williams talking on the phone. He included a raised-eyebrow emoji and a blushing emoji, along with the hashtags of a few liquor brands.

(Photo: Instagram @50cent)

Jackson was likely referencing Williams' history of alcoholism and addiction in his post. Last month, Williams reportedly had a relapse and was found drunk by her assistant after her husband's mistress gave birth to his child. Jackson's post also presumably poked fun at Williams' eyes, which she has attributed to her Graves' Disease in the past.

After that, Jackson re-posted a clip from a Daily Mail TV report on Williams' ongoing drama. It summarized her Hunter's infidelity and the birth of his new child, as well as Williams' time in a sober living home in Queens. According to the report, Williams was treated for addiction to both alcohol and prescription pills.

"So when she look like ET, she gotta pay all the bills," Jackson wrote. "Wait, we might want to try this s—. LOL."

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🤨what the fuck kinda Crack make you look like this.😳#lecheminduroi #bransoncognac #bellator

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In general, fans were not on board for Jackson's new slander of Williams. Many left comments shaming him for poking fun at Williams, who has not retaliated to his recent string string of insults.

"This man never ceases to act like a b—," one fan wrote. "Y'all stop egging on this disgraceful attitude."

"You are a sad case. I pray you never go through depression because it will definitely take YOUR life seeing how much of a f—ed up person you are," added another. "How are you so rich but so bitter and unhappy at the same time? It SHOWS."

The feud even found its way onto other forms of social media, including Twitter where fans wondered why Jackson was going after Williams so vehemently.


"50 cent called Wendy Williams a 'him' and a crackhead," tweeted one person with a facepalm emoji. "I gotta unfollow this maniac [laughing out loud]. He's so mean, he wakes up on the BS I swear."

In the past, Jackson has spoken about how feuds with other celebrities have fueled his success over the years, and how he goes about maintaining them. In a 2018 appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he "taught" Colbert "how to beef." Still, in this case many felt he took it too far.