50 Cent Sounds off on Eminem's Feud With Nick Cannon

Another twist in the Nick Cannon and Eminem beef has seen another rapper enter the fold. Coming from out of nowhere, 50 Cent has entered the picture and is sticking up for Eminem.

He took to his Instagram, which he deactivated previously but brought back, to give his thoughts on the situation. The post shared an image of the Detroit rapper with a label that read: Believe in restoring the game. Even if it means destroying all the players.

“don’t understand to save my life why someone would pick a fight with EM,” the caption began. “He is a different kinda animal, I haven’t seen a motherf—er come close to beating him man. hey Nick that s— was trash, I oughta kick you in yo ass when I see you PUNK!”

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Shortly after the post went up, Cannon commented, “There he is!! Ooh!! I like that!!”

The feud between the Wild ‘N Out host and Eminem was reinvigorated recently after the latter dropped a verse in Fat Joe’s new song “Lord Above” that took a shot at Cannon and his ex-wife, Mariah Carey.

"Word to the Terror Squad, Joe, this is all puns aside though/I know me and Mariah didn't end on a high note," he rhymed. "But that other dude's whipped, that p—y got him neutered / Tried to tell him this chick's a nut job before he got his jewels clipped / Almost got my caboose kicked, fool, quit, you not gon' do s—/I let her chop my balls off, too 'fore I lost to you, Nick / I should quit watchin' news clips, yeah/My balls are too big, I should be talkin' pool / 'Cause I got scratches on my pocket, fall when I'm takin' shots at you."

Cannon had a response ready in waiting when he released a diss track called “The Invitation” that also featured Suge Knight. In it, he goes after not only Eminem, but his family, as well.

“Call Kim/Somebody get Hailie,” Cannon rapped. “And that other kid you raisin’ that ain’t even your baby.”

“My baby-mama killed you off a decade ago,” another line reads, referencing Eminem and Carey’s brief fling. “You’re still cryin’ about it, b—now who really the h—?”


It’s been an ongoing thing ever since with each taking jabs in between the tracks. Eminem had a response on Twitter to Cannon’s diss track and Cannon went on the radio where he kept the conversation going, even inviting “Grandpa Mathers” onto an episode of Wild ‘N Out.

The origins of the disdain dates back to Eminem’s short fling with Carey. Cannon and Carey then got married in 2007 and stayed together until 2016. In between, Carey’s hit song “Obsessed” was her shot at Eminem.