Jim Carrey Grows 'Meaningless' Beard Amid Coronavirus Quarantine

Jim Carrey has announced that he is going to grow a "meaningless" beard, amid the current coronavirus quarantine. Taking to Twitter on Monday, the Liar Liar actor shared a selfie of what his face looked like at the time, and revealed that he would continue to post photos so his fans and followers could follow the progress. "Now I shall conquer the uncutting edge. Please join me," he quipped.

Many of Carrey's followers have since commented on his post, with one writing, "I should be doing the same too since I'm growing a mustache but it would give me memories when you grow your iconic beard once again since we as humans transform in our looks. I'll join along with you @JimCarrey no matter what." Another fan joked, "I dont currently have the hormones necessary to make this possible but we're in this together so I'm going to try my best." Perhaps one of the best responses came from former Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams, who tweeted back that she was "gonna do this with my armpits."

"Gotta take a pass on this. While the boombox doesn't get waxed or shaved anymore, it does need the occasional trimming. I don't think the pits can get any longer & if this goes into the summer, I'm gonna have to shave them. The legs made up their mind years ago: 99% hairless," someone else said.

Other Twitter users chimed in as well, with many pleading for Carrey and his celebrity friends and followers to contribute to helping those in need during the coronavirus outbreak.


"@JimCarrey can't do it. Gotta stay clean-shaven for the PPE masks on the frontline in the Emergency Department," a physician tweeted to the actor. "Perhaps those who can join you can also support us by helping to ensure frontline providers have the protective gear they need during."

At this time, medical experts are encouraging everyone to practice social distancing, and to regularly wash their hands with soap and warm water.