Amy Schumer Stirs Internet After Posting Photo of Herself Peeing Beside Her Car

Amy Schumer caught fans off guard on Monday when she posted a photo of herself peeing beside her car in a parking lot. The comedian wore an ironically modest expression as she squatted between the open door and the seat, her leggings pulled down to her knees. Most fans were amused by the stunt.

Schumer has been using her voice more and more seriously in recent years, taking part in political activism and even getting herself arrested while protesting the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. However, she took a more joking tone when it came to this weekend's International Women's Day.

"International Women's Day over?" She wrote alongside Monday's picture.

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It showed Schumer in a pink hoodie and pink leggings, with a finger pressed contemplatively do her lips. The post got over 126,000 likes overnight, and plenty of laughing emojis in the comments section.

"Are you peeing?" one fan asked.

"The best! Poppin a squat, when u gotta go, you gotta go!" added another.

"Omg this is the best thing ever! I just love you," a third person wrote.

Some commenters thought that Schumer's post really was the perfect encapsulation of International Women's Day, giving a view of the female experience — warts and all.

"It's never over lol," one wrote. "We are women every day and claim it proud!!"

"I huddle near a tire to keep watch on what may be coming..." added another.

Schumer shared a more serious post on her Instagram Stories. It was a re-post from filmmaker Matt Heineman, where he praised women from different countries for standing united in the fight for gender equality.

"Wanted to share my deep admiration and support for the millions of women from Central and South America to Turkey and Pakistan who refused to work and rallied in the streets on [International Women's Day] to protest violence against women and advocate for gender equality," it read.


Schumer has taken a few months off of her work as an actress, writer and stand-up comic since the birth of her son, Gene — though she did record a Netflix special at the height of her pregnancy. She is expected to return to the small screen soon, however, with a Hulu original series titled Love, Beth.

The show was announced back in July, and little is known about it so far. According to a report by Variety, the show will be written, directed and executive produced by Schumer, who will co-star with Kevin Kane. No other actors have been announced yet. The show is due to premiere some time in 2020.