'Glee' Star Dot Jones Recovering After Undergoing Emergency Heart Surgery

Glee actress Dot Jones is recovering after undergoing emergency heart surgery over the holidays. The actress, whose other credits include Days of Our Lives and Lizzie McGuire, was rushed to the hospital by her wife, Bridgett, after she began experiencing "a burning sensation" across her chest, later learning that she had suffered a heart attack.

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"I want to share this with all of you!" Jones captioned a gallery of images on Saturday, Jan. 11. "These two pictures are of the left anterior descending artery also known as the widow maker! The pic with the red circle shows a 99 [percent] block! The other pic shows the artery after the stent was placed. This is my heart, this was my heart yesterday! I had a heart attack then I had an angiogram late last night and a stent put in to open the blood flow! Our amazing heart dr fixed it!! I love him so much as he is the dr who saved bridgett after her strokes!!"

"I had been having a burning sensation across my chest while walking and when I would stop walking it went away!" she went on to explain. "When I went to the internist I was told it was bronchio spasms, that they would go away! A week later it was getting worse I went back then told it was asthma! And given an inhaler which did nothing ! I thank god for [Bridgett Jones] making my appointment with dr nguyen!"

"Keep asking questions and anything around the heart area or anything you're not sure of!!" she encouraged her followers. "Women have different symptoms then men and not all the same! I am beyond lucky and truly blessed to be here!! Thank you everyone for the love!! I love yall!!"

After the scary experience, Jones is now recovering at home, sharing in a recent post that she is counting her blessings.


"Fancy has been by my side or laying over my legs since I got home from the hospital friday!! [Bridgett Jones] too, well maybe not laying over my legs!" she wrote. "I'm a lucky girl in more ways then one!! Truly blessed!!"

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Jones portrayed Coach Beiste on Glee, a role that earned her Emmy nominations in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Her other credits include Coach Kelly in Lizzie McGuire, Butch Brenda in Material Girls and Chille in a 2016 episode of Days of Our Lives, among many others.


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