Who Is Sela Vave? Jamie Foxx's Rumored Girlfriend Amid Katie Holmes Breakup

The news of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes going their separate ways has gained quite the media attention. The two had been together for six years and recently were spotted at the 2019 Met Gala. The mystery character in this breakup, though, has been the woman spotted with Foxx shortly before this news broke.

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Foxx was seen at a Los Angeles club with model Sela Vave. A few weeks prior, Vave made a post about how she couldn’t believe she was on stage with Foxx and numerous others.

"That moment when you realize [you're] on stage with [The Black Eyed Peas], [Run DMC], [Jamie Foxx] and so many other icons while [Bon Jovi] is singing [Living on a Prayer]," she wrote. "[The Hamptons] were lit!!"

So who is Sela Vave?

The 40-year-old model is also getting into the music industry. An up-and-coming artist, Vave is reportedly serving as an understudy to Foxx. There have been multiple Instagram posts on her page with Foxx appearing, including one that read, “I am so grateful to this man! Thank you so much [Jamie Foxx] for everything you do and for believing in me.”

In Touch Weekly shared that Foxx accompanied Vave and another rapper he’s mentoring during a radio interview at LA’s Power 106 FM. During the interview, Vave said, “[She’s been singing] ever since I could talk. I have one single out on iTunes but we’re working on my debut album.”

Vave is active on social media. As of Wednesday, she has 13,100 followers.

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The whole situation has been quite perplexing. Foxx and Holmes reportedly split up earlier than it was first announced. Page Six claims the couple called it off back in May, prior to their first public appearance. The site says a source of theirs overheard Holmes at a restaurant telling her girlfriends, “What Jamie does is his business — we haven’t been together for months.”

There were a lot of factors that reportedly went into the split, including trust issues and the long-distance relationship that spanned coast-to-coast between Foxx and Holmes.