Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Split: What Led to Breakup?

The news of Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes’ breakup has been all over the Internet. The latest rumblings suggest a reason why the two called off their six-year relationship. According to In Touch Weekly, Holmes had grown dissatisfied with the long distance relationship, among other things.

“Katie and Jamie’s relationship has been long-distance. He’s been living in L.A. full time, and she’s been in New York,” the source told the news outlet. “It’s been this way on and off for years, and Katie’s always had a hard time with it.”

The article continued on from its source: “For months he’s been promising to calm his wild ways, but nothing’s changed, and she’s finally come to the conclusion that she wants to be with a guy who’s more mature and ready to settle down."

The story adds that Holmes apparently gave Foxx an ultimatum, urging him to either move to where she’s at in New York and if not, the relationship will wrap up.

It turns out Foxx didn’t choose the former, as the source suggests.

There were reportedly a lot of back-and-forth arguments that centered around Foxx’s lifestyle, particularly his partying. Because of this, Holmes began feeling uncomfortable as she couldn’t follow what he was up to when he was on the west coast.

Earlier on, photos found their way on the interwebs of Foxx holding the hand of another woman, Sela Veve. Nothing was confirmed at the time, but apparently he had no issue moving on.

The Foxx-Holmes relationship hasn’t been at the forefront. Despite being together for six years apparently, the couple really only began making appearances this year. The two went to the 2019 Met Gala.

According to PEOPLE, when the two were together, they did make time for one another and found a connection in being parents.


"Katie and Jamie see each other as frequently as they can," the source told PEOPLE. "They have known each other for years, and both turned out to be great parents, so they also have that in common. They are dedicated to their careers. Plus they give each other space."

Holmes had a child in her previous marriage with Tom Cruise.