'Today' Show Host Kathie Lee Gifford's New Man Finally Revealed

Former Today show host Kathie Lee Gifford's has a new man and his identity has finally been revealed. According to a report from the Daily Mail, Gifford is dating 56-year-old Randall "Randy" Cronk from Spring Hill, Tennessee. Cronk is the president of RMC Insurance Group.

The outlet reports that the pair were seen hanging out together at a Journey cover band concert in Franklin, Tennessee. "She looked a little tipsy. She was having a great time dancing very intimately with a male friend. Retirement looks good on her," a source said. Additionally, Cronk posted photos of the two of them together on his Facebook page.

See the photos here at the The Daily Mail.

Earlier this year, Gifford spoke about the "crippling loneliness" she experiences in the wake of her husband's death.

Speaking to AARP The Magazine, Gifford opened up about her life had been lately, specifically addressing how things have been since the deaths of both her husband, Frank Gifford (2015) and her mother, Joan Epstein (2017). She spoke candidly about her feelings on her children moving away from home, as well.

"You battle a lot of things when you get older, especially as a widow, when you lose a spouse. It dawned on me the other day, I'm a widow, I'm an orphan, because my mother also passed and I'm an empty nester all at the same time. If you're not careful, what you've lost in life can define you," she said.

"It's so much healthier to be defined by what you still have. I'm making big changes in my life because I need to, really big changes that are feeding my soul. Otherwise, despair sets in and loneliness can be crippling," Gifford went on to share.

"I didn't have to stay in this big house anymore," she then added, referring to her home in Long Island, New York. "I found myself dealing with crippling loneliness. I had to make moves and spiritual moves. You gotta make new memories or the old ones are going to kill you."


Gifford went on to recount a sweet moment that she regulary shared with her late husband, explaining that it has become a much more bittersweet event in recent years.

"Sunset used to be a huge thing in our family. Every day, no matter what, we'd yell, 'Sunset alert!' and we had to stop whatever we were doing, go out, and honor another day," she remembered. "And now I still say it out loud to the puppies. We still go out and do it, but sunset alerts are some of my saddest moments when it's just me and the dogs at home."