Kevin Spacey's Felony Sexual Assault Case Dismissed

It has been revealed that actor Kevin Spacey's felony sexual assault case has been dismissed. According to a report from TMZ, a Nantucket, Massachusetts court dropped the case "due to the unavailability of the complaining witness." The former House of Cards star was on trial for an alleged incident involving a man who claimed that Spacey groped him at a bar when the man was 18-years-old. The individual, however, took the 5th Amendment when he was put on the witness stand to testify earlier this month.

According to reports, Spacey's lawyer asked the man questions about deleted texts that the attorney claimed would prove the actor never committed any wrongdoing.

The alleged victim had also previously dropped a separate civil case against the actor.

Mitchell Garabedian, the lawyer for the plaintiff in the case, has since responded to the news that the D.A. dropped the charges against Spacey.

"My client and his family have shown an enormous amount of courage under the difficult circumstances," he said. "I have no further comment at this time."

Earlier this year, Spacey's brother โ€” Randy Fowler โ€” spoke out against the actor and addressed the charges against him, telling Radar Online, โ€œThis young man has only lived in silence for a year but the torturous emotions that this kid had to go through at the expense of my brother โ€“ this is just the beginning. My brother has been living this secret life for 40 years.โ€

Fowler went on to blast Spacey more, saying, โ€œItโ€™s not just about the sexual gratification, itโ€™s about the power. Heโ€™s actually worse than Weinstein; heโ€™s worse than Bill Cosby!โ€

โ€œHe actually believes that because heโ€™s an actor society should give him a pass because you loved him as these diabolical characters in the movies, so you should love him as a real sex pervert. Heโ€™s the worst of the worst,โ€ he added.


โ€œThe first allegation against him came out in 2004 and he managed to shovel it under the carpet. But I knew it was just a matter of time. He has destroyed a lot of souls,โ€ Fowler added, referring to previous allegations against the Usual Suspects star.

At this time, representatives for Spacey do not appear to have commented on the case being dropped.


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