Kelly Clarkson Fans Are Loving Her Response to Her Indy 500 Near Wipeout

Kelly Clarkson fans are loving her response to her near wipeout at the red carpet for the Indy 500.

In video that went viral, Clarkson was walking along and suddenly tripped. She came close to falling, but recovered and kept going to the cheers of the crowd.

Now, she has reacted to the fall saying that there was a crack hidden under the carpet, and joking that she is "utterly not cool."

Fans are responding to her new message, with one person quipping, "But owning your not coolness makes you super cool! Just thought you should know!"

"You are Real and that makes you Cooler. Another awesome performance out of you. I tuned in just to hear your wonderful vocals," another fan said.

"It's alright. I'm as clumsy as they come but your Star Spangled Banner @ Indy was awesome," someone else complimented.

"Ha ha...something my girlfriends would’ve done ..well except maybe take a bow at the end," one other fan commented. "You are the coolest Kelly!!"

While many of her followers responded to her "uncool" joke, others took an opportunity to let her know that they loved per performance of the National Anthem.

"To be fair, Kelly, it was probably a pot hole and they just covered it up! Welcome to Indy again and beautiful job on the anthem!!!" a fan gushed.

While her near fall could have put a damper on things, Clarkson ended up meeting actor Matt Damon (The Jason Bourne franchise, the upcoming Ford v. Ferrari).


Clarkson shared a photo of the two of them together at the big race and explained that after having a mutual friend for many years the two finally were able to met one another.

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Next up for Clarkson, she will host her own daytime talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, which is scheduled to debut on Sept. 9.


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