Jenna Jameson Celebrates 'Perfect' Weight Loss, Reveals '1-Year' Transformation Photo

Jenna Jameson celebrated a year of living on the keto diet by sharing a fresh before and after photo, showing fans how much has changed over the past year for her.

(Photo: Jenna Jameson / Instagram)

"Today I celebrate 1 year of being [keto] I have absolutely never felt better," she wrote Wednesday.

"Combining #sobriety, the keto lifestyle and intermittent fasting is the perfect trifecta for me when it comes to a healthy sustainable fitness journey. Thanks everyone for supporting me and joining me in my quest for ultimate health!!! Love you!"

The post inspired fans to share their own keto diet stories, and praised Jameson, 45.

"Looking good Jenna!! I'm on week 5 of Keto. Down 14 pounds so far," one fan wrote.

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"More than anything you seem Sooooo much happier in general. Your spirit is motivational! Congrats Jenna," another wrote.

"So very proud of you Jenna!! Words can’t describe the woman, Mom, person that you are today. Can’t wait to see your life 1-year from now. Hugs," another fan wrote.

Jameson has been sharing before and after photos with fans for months. In November 2018, she told fans she weighed 107 pounds, meaning she lost 80 pounds, notes Us Weekly. More recently though, Jameson told fans she felt much healthier at 125 pounds, and believes it is her perfect weight.

"I’ve finally gotten the hang of health. I have found my perfect weight," Jameson wrote on April 23. "I had dropped down to 120 and I felt a little off. So I added back calories, but stayed #keto and I’m back up to 125. This feels like my body is running optimally. You can see in these pics most of the change is in my waist... I still have nice muscle in my legs. The point to this post is how the [keto diet] is easily manipulated to serve you! Your body runs beautifully while in ketosis, but if you want to maintain or even add weight, it’s absolutely easy just by adjusting your caloric intake. While in weight loss mode, caloric deficit is paramount!"

In one post on April 15, the former adult film star explained that she was "pre diabetic" and a "literal sloth" before she went on the keto diet. She said she felt like she was starving herself and weighed just 80 pounds.

"I thought that was pretty at the time but had no clue," she wrote at the time. "I’m now a healthy size 4 and can keep up with my kids. Hallelujah! So remember these [before and after] pictures aren’t just to show the esthetics of being slim, they show hard work and attention to my inside health. This is a years worth of recalibration and focus."

Jameson is the mother of 10-year-old twins Journey Jette and Jesse Jameson Ortiz, her children with ex-husband Tito Ortiz. She chose to start the keto diet after giving birth to daughter Batelli, 2, whose father is Lior Bitton.


Jameson is not the only celebrity to try the keto diet. Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino said he lost 50 pounds after he started following the diet.

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