Ciara Posts 'Vulnerable' Photo With 'No Extensions' and Commenters Are Weighing In

Singer Ciara recently posted a "vulnerable" photo with "no extensions," and Instagram commenters are weighing in.

Taking to the social network site, Ciara shared a photo of herself completely natural and said, "No makeup. No extensions. Vulnerable. My Beauty Marks and all. The real me.. and I love it. Finally embracing myself fully! It feels good."

She then encouraged her fans and followers to join her, adding, "Csquad! Join me in my #BeautyMarks journey and upload your rawest selfies at Don't be afraid to let YOUR Beauty Marks show!"

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The singers fans have responded to her photo with overwhelming positivity, with many of them calling her "beautiful."

"Gorgeous either way," one fan commented, "Thank you for sharing your vulnerability with us. In a world where a certain look, body type, or filters are deemed favorable it is always refreshing to remind ourselves that we are created differently and beautifully without the enhancements."

"This is very important for my beautiful black women, some of them can’t see their real beauty because they’re to busy trying to impress irrelevant ppl. I challenge all women to take your mask off and breathe if only for a day. It can be life changing if u let it. I just think it’s sooo important for us not to forget who we really are," another person said.

"I'm so glad you're doing this! Let's women around the world know that it's okay to embrace their natural beauty. You and others like you, who are advocates for embracing who you are (i.e. Alicia Keys etc.) Are so necessary for the culture," someone else posted in the comments, "Thank you Ciara."


"To anyone who’s reading this You’ve been in situations where you thought you’d never make it out, but you did. You’ve lived through it. You’ve learned from it. You’ve survived. So whatever it is that you’re currently going through right now, you’ll get through that too. Keep believing and keep going," one other commenter stated, taking an opportunity to further encourage others.

Ciara will release her seventh studio album, Beauty Marks, on May 10.