Meghan Markle's Estranged Half-Brother Pleads for Last-Minute Wedding Invite

Meghan Markle's estranged brother is reaching out once again.

After writing a an open letter to Prince Harry telling him it's "not too late" to back out of the royal wedding, Thomas Markle Jr. seems to have had a change of heart.

In another letter released by InTouch, this time written directly to his sister, Thomas shares fond memories of their childhood and sends well wishes on her big day.

See a copy of the letter here.

"It's true that you and I have become 'distant' along with the rest of our family members over the years. But we are all still family. With all the memories of watching you grow up, it's hurtful that you would forget about us. I remember you doing your first school plays, you were so cute up there and it was clear that’s what you loved doing. I remember you, me, and dad always went to the duck park to feed them for the day. I've never seen dad so happy in my life," Thomas writes.

"We also had some great holidays together, even though we all didn't share the same house. We ended up having two or three Christmases and Thanksgivings. That was really fun."

"But most of all, the countless weekends you, me, and dad spent with Grandma Markle. Dad would bring her favorite TV shows for her, talk about old times over lunch, and make a nice day of it."

"Grandma always got very happy and peaceful when you would sit with her and go through old pictures. Read to her and talk. The love and kindness you gave her was amazing, what it meant to Dad, Grandma, and me — I won't ever forget. Because that's the real Meghan I remember and that’s the Meg the world should know."

"Meg I know that I'm not perfect, nor is anyone else in our family, as I'm sure you have read by now. But good, bad, or perfect, we're the only family that you have. It does hurt my feelings not getting invited to your wedding, along with the rest of the family. But it's not too late to send me an invite along with your entire family. We should all be there to show our love and support on your wedding day, because that's what families do. Not to mention, how long it's been since we all seen and have gotten together, that would be very nice."

"Meg, I am very proud of you. I truly want you to have a great wedding day and long future with Prince Harry. I'm sorry for venting my frustrations about [how] he should call it off, but I was disappointed and confused about not getting invited. I really only wish you the best."

"I remember a loving, caring, amazing girl who had a great family growing up and I know you're still that person inside. So whatever you decide is okay with me, maybe I'll see you there, with all of us."

"It can still be a royal wedding family reunion."

"Once again, congrats to you and Prince Harry. I'm very proud of you and wish you the best," the letter ended.


Meghan and Thomas she father Tom Markle Sr., who is expected to walk her down the aisle on May 19. meghan has another sibling through her father, half-sister Samantha Grant, who has also spoken against the actress.

Grant shamed Meghan for failing to help out their father, financially, after he declared bankruptcy. Like her brother, Grant is not expected to attend the royal wedding.