Former 'View' Host Star Jones Marries Ricardo Lugo

Star Jones spent her weekend on a real-life love boat. The former View co-host married her fiancé Ricardo Lugo aboard a cruise ship in the Bahamas on Sunday.

The couple tied the knot on Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas amid a weekend-long celebration that included a celebration for the bride's 56th birthday as well as her bachelorette party.

This is the face of #purejoy & #Happiness

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“You know you’re really happy when your kid says at lunch, ‘Stop smiling. You’re going to break your face,’” Jones teased in a video posted to Instagram on Friday. “This is the happiest weekend of my entire life.”

(Photo: Instagram / @starjonesesq)

Jones shared Instagram images from Saturday's birthday bash throughout the weekend, including one of her wedding dress inside its Kleinfeld bag.

Jones and Lugo got engaged in June and have been together since 2016. They often post photos together on social media. On Monday, March 19, the couple attended the Angel Ball in New York City and posted a sweet selfie from the event, with Jones calling it the "perfect night."

When confirming to Us Weekly that the two were engaged in November, Jones gushed over her husband-to-be: “He’s wonderful. I’m happy and that’s all anybody outside of my family needs to know.”

Before confirming the engagement, Jones hinted at it on Instagram in June, sharing a photo of a diamond ring on her finger and writing, “There appears to be a heatwave going across the Midwest. The extra heat is from the sun shining on my heart. The bells of happiness are ringing right now.”

Jones was previously married to lawyer Al Reynolds for four years. She filed for divorce in April 2008.

Jones was a host on The View from 1997 to 2006 but has returned periodically.

Last year, VH1 greenlit a series based on Jones' 2011 novel Satan's Sisters, a book about five female co-hosts who host a popular TV show called The Lunch Hour. The hosts are friends on the air, but have very different lives filled with drama off the set.


In March 2016, Vanessa Williams was cast to star in the series. It was re-titled Daytime Divas and aired last summer.

Photo credit: Instagram / @starjonesesq