Tommy Lee Releases Full Statement on Altercation With Son Brandon

Days removed from his bloody fist fight with his son Brandon, musician Tommy Lee released a formal statement to TMZ on Thursday defending himself.

Lee started off by showing remorse for how he handled the situation on Monday, where after the fight with Brandon he posted a photo of his bloodied lip on social media and tagged Brandon in it.

"Truthfully this whole situation has become so depressing and out of control. My heart was broken when my son punched me," Lee wrote. "Should I have posted it on social media? Probably not. But I couldn't believe that he was not apologizing or responding to my messages, and didn't care that he knocked me unconscious and filmed my unconscious body laughing. This isn't what I want for anyone."

He then went into detail about what happened to cause the altercation.

"All I wanted from my son was an apology. And my heart is so broken that he would lie about the whole situation. He came in the room angry and my response to Pamela's (Anderson) relentless press about our old relationship, with his dukes up, telling me to get up and fight him. When I stood up he pushed me into a wall. I didn't want to hit my son. I never have and I never will. If I wanted to clock him I would have knocked him on his ass. He had no problem knocking me out. I asked him to leave and he spun around and suckered punched me. Knocked me unconscious," Lee added.

Lee went on to admit that he "drinks more than the average Joe," but argued that his drinking had nothing to do with the fight.

"I want them to learn what it takes to take care of yourself. My alleged 'alcoholism' has nothing to do with this. I've been in therapy and working on myself, my fiance is the one who got me into therapy!" he said.

"I love my boys, I will always love my boys, I just want them to learn that you cannot hurt people without repercussion," Lee concluded.


You can read Lee's full statement here.

Lee announced on Thursday that he was taking legal action against his son, including a lawsuit and restraining order. He was reportedly willing to retract everything if Brandon offered an apology, but once his son released a statement claiming the fight had to do with Lee's alcoholism, the offer was redacted.