Kylie Jenner’s BFF Jordyn Woods Slammed Online for Promoting This Diet Supplement

Instagram influencers are often paid to promote various products to their followers, and one of the most popular categories of said products is diet supplements. Whether it be a shake, tea or supplement, the influencers make money, but they don't always make their followers happy.

Such was the case with Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner's best friend who recently promoted a diet supplement called Boombod on her Instagram page. In a video, Woods explained that she was taking fans along with her on her fitness journey and wanted to share a product she would be using.

"I normally never do this," she told her followers in the clip. "But because I'm taking you along with me on my fitness journey, I wanted to let you know about these Boombod seven-day achiever that I'm going to start trying tomorrow."

Excited to try something new 💋#boom @boombod #boombod

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Woods then explained the product, which is a "shot drink" that gets mixed into any beverage three times a day to supposedly aid in weight loss. She noted that she had not yet tried the product.

As Woods has previously labeled herself as a plus-sized model, many of her followers found it disheartening to see her promoting diet culture when she had previously expressed the importance of body positivity and loving yourself.

For that reason, many fans weren't pleased to see the 20-year-old promote a diet product, letting her know their feelings in the comments section.

"Disappointing post," one person wrote. "You are famed for being curvy, a role model and an example that you can still be beautiful without promoting unrealistic body types."

"It’s interesting that you talk about how you are proud to be a model who isn't a size 2 but you promote losing weight to so many young girls that look up to you," noted another.

"Sad to see you buying into diet culture," wrote a third. Can’t see you as a 'body positive' person anymore."

Still, other fans were happy to see Woods share her journey.

"Thanks girl!!!" one fan wrote. "I appreciate it I need all the motivation I can get."

"Good on you health is wealth get that body," commented another.

A third wrote, "Sometimes it's not just about loving yourself, there's nothing wrong with wanting to look better and being healthy as well."


Boombod touts itself as an appetite suppressant, supposedly aiding in weight loss by causing users to eat less and feel fuller faster using the dietary fiber glucomannan.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @jordynwoods