Fans Think Kanye West Needs Rescuing After Glum Party Photos With Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian posted a couple of pictures with her husband, Kanye West on Saturday, and fans were worried about West's state of mind.

The photos went up on Kardashian's Twitter. One showed the two of them together, Kardashian just in front of her husband with a smoldering expression. West stared right at the camera, mouth slightly agape, as if he was caught thinking about something completely different. "Mom & Dad," Kardashian wrote smiply.

The other picture includes actress Olivia Munn, who joined the couple in the same outfits. Munn looks just as comfortable as Kardashian — glaring at the lens with a certain aloof intensity. Yet again, West looks just a little out place.

Fans didn't fail to notice, and the replies filled up quickly with concern for Yeezy's well-being. One fan wrote "why Kanye look uncomfortable," returning with a GIF and adding "Smile Kanye." The animated image showed West going from a jovial grin to a dead-pan stare in a matter of seconds.

Another fan wrote "kanye really got that 'help me' face" under the photo of West, Kardashian and Munn. The rapper stands behind the two women, as though he's hiding.

Many fans had to reference last year's hit thriller Get Out in their responses. The movie dramatizes a white family's fixation on black culture, and their sci-fi attempts to co-opt it.

"Kanye lookin like he in the sunken place FrFr," one follower wrote, referencing the weaponized hypnosis used in the movie to subjugate victims.

"Kanye I'm coming to rescue you," wrote another person, including a GIF from the movie where the hero photographs a black person who has been hypnotized.

Kardashian fans weren't pleased to see the comparison to the film.

"This 'joke' is corny," responded a Kardashian fan account. "If you are a fan of Kanye you know Kim brought someone who went thru a lot of pain true joy and if you can't respect that you're wack."

West's die-hard fans hold to a different narrative, observing that West's most ground-breaking work and subversive acts all came before his marriage to the reality star.