'Married at First Sight' Wife Amber Reveals Doubts About Her Marriage in Exclusive Clip


'Married at First Sight' Wife Amber Reveals Doubts About Her Marriage in Exclusive Clip

Kim, Kourtney Kardashian Rock Uncharactaristically Low-Key Look in 'Gluten Free' Photo

A Kardashian in grungy sweats is a rare sight, so when Kim Kardashian and sister Kourtney rocked their shockingly low-key look in an Instagram photo Wednesday, fans had a lot to say about the look.

The photo, which Kim posted Wednesday evening, shows the sister duo rocking what's known as "groutfits," or all-gray outfits, generally consisting of sweats.

They were apparently on the hunt for snacks, but couldn't find any gluten-free options in the gas station, prompting the mean mugging in the casual picture.

when you find out they don’t carry anything gluten free 😂

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"When you find out they don't carry anything gluten free," Kim captioned the picture.

Fans were quick to point out that almost everything behind the Keeping Up with the Kardashians sisters is gluten-free, as they're standing in front of a drink cooler.

"The water is right behind you LOL," one fan snarked.

"Almost everything in this picture is [gluten-free]," another commented.

"Kim, it's a gas station, what did you expect??" a third asked.

Others had something to say about their attire.

"Outfits from the Elderly Power Walking collection," one user commented.

"Wow [Kim Kardashian] you’re so versatile!!" another added. "You decided to wear clothes today...look at you girlie!! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings."

The 37-year-old mother of three's recent looks have certainly been a lot more risque than her snack run look.

Monday, the KKW Beauty founder dropped nine racy Instagram photos, in which she bares almost everything in a fur coat and sheer white shirt.

The braids she was wearing, which she dubbed "Bo Derek" braids, were the focus of her ensemble, however, with many calling Kim out for cultural appropriation.

Even Lindsay Lohan had a comment on the look, saying she was "confused" in an Instagram comment on one of the photos. In return, Kim snarked that Lohan's "sudden foreign accent" was the confusing thing, mocking the Mean Girls actress for the seemingly fake accent she debuted in 2016 and which she has used periodically since.

Kim showed off more sister support after the photo drop, with pregnant sister Khloé Kardashian praising big sis for her "confidence" soon after.

"I am squealing like a little pig looking at all of Kimberly's Instagram's from the day! Oh my God is she not sooooooo on fire right now? FEELING THE FANTASY," she tweeted Monday.

"Between her pictures and her clap backs.... I'm just living for it all," she added. "Confidence looks great on you Keeks."