Khloe Kardashian Pays Tribute to Beloved Dog in 'All About Gabbana'

Khloe Kardashian penned an emotional goodbye to her dog Gabbana, who died Monday night at age 14.

“I’m heartbroken over the loss of my dog Gabbana,” the Keeping Up With the Kardashians sister wrote on her website in a post called "All About Gabbana."

“She was more than a pet. She was my first child, my companion and my friend for 14 years. She was incredible!” she added.

Kardashian wrote that she has always been an animal lover and revealed that her dream job as a child was to be a veterinarian, “to drive around in an RV and pick up stray animals.”

She said Gabbana was a family dog who lived with her mom Kris Jenner and step-father Caitlyn Jenner, who went by the first name Bruce at the time. But when the couple separated, Kardashian offered to take the dog.

“She was the family dog, and since Kendall and Kylie both moved out, I thought Gabbana was lonely,” the 33-year-old recalled. “I wanted her to have a fun home again!!”

Kardashian, who is now pregnant with her first human child with NBA baller boyfriend Tristan Thompson, said she will remember how her pup loved playing frisbee and swimming in the pool. She added that Gabbana was “so well-trained and super smart” and, at times, a little too friendly.

A sorrowful Kardashian also posted the news of her dog’s death on Instagram on Tuesday, sharing a series of photos with her late pup.

“She made sure I was never lonely even during lonely times. The house will never be the same,” the Good American designer wrote of her loss. “I never thought I would be this devastated over loosing a dog but 14 years, is a long time together. She filled a significant role in my life and I'm forever grateful.”

She ended the tribute with a sweet goodbye for her longtime furry friend: “I love you Goober!! I'll remember you always!”

Following the announcement, fans offered their condolences to the reality TV personality, sharing their own experiences of losing a beloved pet.

Kardashian took the words to heart and took to Twitter to thank her followers during the tough time.

“Thank you for being so loving and kind in regards to Gabbana! It’s been such a sad night and an even sadder day. Thank you for the love,” she wrote, adding a paw print, heart and kiss emoji.

Fans wrote on Twitter that they will miss and remember the KUWTK “icon,” who appeared in multiple episodes of the show alongside Kardashian and her family.