Fans Suspect Tori Spelling of Photoshopping Latest Post Promoting Diet Products

Tori Spelling is the latest celebrity to be accused of altering her photos, with fans accusing the actress of photoshopping a recent Instagram post in which she promoted Flat Tummy Co., whose products have been seen on many an Instagram star's page.

The post sees Spelling posing in a black workout outfit, holding a pouch of one of the company's diet products.

"It’s a new year, and it’s time for some changes," she wrote. "@flattummyco is helping me out with a big one.. my tummy!"

Commenters immediately began accusing Spelling of altering the photo, pointing to the fence and the actress' arms and hands as signs of potential photoshop.

"Tori I was a huge fan. Truly," one person wrote. "But this is the worst photoshop job. C’mon you are better than this."

"I thought no way is this photoshopped, and then I seen her hand!" a second wrote. "Oh my!"

"The iron behind you is curving," added a third.

In the snap, it's clear that the bars of the fence behind Spelling appear to curve inward, which likely isn't the way they look in real life, as one would assume they would be straight. Curved lines on otherwise straight objects are a telltale sign of photo altering and have taken down many a seemingly stealthy star in the past.

Despite the potential alteration, many of Spelling's fans were quick to compliment the star.

"Perfect the way you are!" one wrote. "You look great," added another, while a third seemed to consider becoming a Flat Tummy Co. customer herself.

"She looks awesome maybe I need that flat tummy tea," they wrote.

Just after the New Year, Spelling had also shown off a new short haircut, and her long blonde locks in the Flat Tummy Co. photo are leading some fans to believe the snap is an old one.

"Old pic? Your hair was cut a few days ago!!!" one fan wondered, while another commented, "I thought you cut your hair?"

New Year. New Week. New Look. . This year I want to follow thru on my resolutions. My husband reminded me this past weekend as we arrived 30 minutes late to an event that one of my resolutions was to be on time. Then yesterday I looked around our living room at our Christmas tree that’s still up, and clothes piled high on our club chair and I reminded myself that another one of my resolutions was to get organized. Change doesn’t happen because we want it. Change doesn’t even happen because we say it. Change happens when we actually start doing it. To remind myself that stepping out of your comfort zone isn’t easy but opens up a world of possibilities personally, professionally, financially, and emotionally I opted for a new “Do”. . This realization came to me at 11pm last night. Whether it came from watching the empowering speech that @oprah gave at the #goldenglobes or simply that my extensions were hanging on by a thread doesn’t matter... I took charge and took action. I gave myself a chop. . Woke up this rainy Monday morning with energy and confidence. Is it the haircut? No, that’s just a reminder that change comes from within. Be the change you want. This is 2018. This is a new week. Start doing what you’ve only till now been saying you’ll do ... #no makeup #2018 #WeCantExpectToSeeAChangeIfWeDontMakeOne

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Photo Credit: Instagram / @torispelling