Joanna Gaines Demands $150K per Hour for Court Deposition

Joanna Gaines, one of the stars of Fixer Upper, is giving new meaning to the phrase "time is money." The reality renovator is asking to be paid $150,000 per hour to appear in a court deposition that she clearly doesn't want to attend.

Gaines is caught in the middle of a lawsuit between Standard Furniture Manufacturing Company and LF Products. The companies are settling a disagreement over the raw materials used in the manufacturing of a furniture on the Magnolia Home line, which Gaines and her husband endorse.

Gaines herself is reportedly the one who pointed out that the materials used are different from those agreed upon by all three parties. However, she wants no part of the lengthy days in court that the case involves.

Gaines described the requests of the two companies as "burdensome and unnecessary," offering to answer any questions in a written deposition instead. Her lawyer filed court documents, which were obtained by The Blast, stating that Gaines would not search for the documents requested for the case unless she was reimbursed for her time.

When LF Products asked how much Gaines valued her time at, her lawyer responded with the figure of $150,000 per hour. He pointed out that Gaines had been offered that amount for "an appearance" in the past, making it a reasonable price.

In response, LF Products has asked the judge to order Gaines to sit for a deposition. The court has yet to decide on the issue.

Gaines is busy enough in her personal life, and has repeatedly emphasized that she and her husband are not a party in this case.