Wendy Williams Gives Concerning Statement on Terry Crews' Future After Assault Allegations

Wendy Williams says Terry Crews will “suffer” in Hollywood after speaking up about being the victim of sexual assault.

On Williams’ daytime talk show Wendy Thursday, the host gave her opinion on Crews’ situation just one day the actor appeared on Good Morning America to detail the alleged assault he suffered at the hands of Hollywood agent Adam Venit.

Crews claimed that during a party he attended with his wife and Adam Sandler in February 2016, Venit repeatedly stuck his tongue out in an “overtly sexual” fashion, then he came over and squeezed Crews’ genitals.

Williams offered up her thoughts when asked if it was courageous of Crews to come forward: “No, it’s not brave — he’s just talking.”

Still, Williams believes his “talking” will hurt his future in the entertainment business.

“But it may have a really negative affect on his career,” she continued. “Do you know what I mean? Being all black, and being all chatty. And this guy, the agent — he named names. Terry is going in. It will, in my opinion, affect his career.”

After coming forward publicly to accuse the high-level executive of William Morris Endeavors, Crews filed a police report against his alleged abuser.

Apparently, Williams doesn’t think it will end well for Crews on any front.

“You know what I think that this agent has?” Williams added. “I hate to talk color, but I’ve been here for nine years. You know we talk color here, and I don’t mean anything by it but enlightenment.”

She continued, speculating that WME asked Venit to “disappear for a moment” and return next year. The company told press that the agent had been suspended as an internal investigation of the accusations takes place.

“I’m glad that Terry came forward to expose [him],” Williams said. “Unfortunately, I feel that in the race war that’s going on in this country still — we don’t want to acknowledge it — but Terry will suffer. But good for you, Terry. And shame on you, bald man.”

Crews said he chose to appear on Good Morning America as a way to show that he “will not be shamed” as a victim.

“What kind of man would I be to tell my kids, ‘If someone touches you where you don’t want to be touched, tell someone,’ and then I don’t do it?” Crews told Michael Strahan during the interview. “Let me tell you something, it freed me. I knew instantly that I had to tell my story so that other people could be free.”

He said he hadn’t thought much about the incident until allegations against Harvey Weinstein brought dozens of sexual harassment and assault allegations to light, showing a dark side of the entertainment industry.

“When the Weinstein thing started happening, I got PTSD,” the actor said. “I was going, ‘Oh my god, this exact thing happened to me. I understand why they won’t come forward.’

He explained that he felt compelled to speak publicly about the assault after he heard female victims talk about how they were called liars for coming forward about their experience with sexual misconduct when he was a speaker at an event for the Center for Community solutions.

“I will not be shamed,” he added. “I did nothing wrong — nothing.”