John Travolta Has Been Accused of Sexual Battery

John Travolta has been accused of sexual battery by a 21-year-old male masseur who filed a criminal complaint against the actor.

According to the police report obtained by Radar, the masseur claims that the Grease star groped his bare butt and exposed himself during a massage at the LaQuinta Hotel in Palm Springs, California in 2000.

During the incident, Travolta, now 63, allegedly asked for a more intimate rubdown and removed his towel to expose his bottom. The employee said he kept replacing the towel every time his client removed it.

The masseur added that he also made inappropriate remarks about gay fantasies while in the spa at around 1:30 a.m.

After the massage, Travolta booked a “Citrus Scrub” from the spa employee and they went in another room to perform the treatment. During this session, the Pulp Fiction actor allegedly told the man he was very attractive and that he’d gotten “excited.”

Travolta was set to enter the steam room next, and he asked the masseur to accompany him “so he wouldn’t have to sit alone,” the report stated. The pair sat in the steam room wearing towels at first, but the employee says Travolta removed his to sit nude.

He claims Travolta offered to show off his own massage techniques, and began to rub the employee’s inner thigh underneath his towel. He also “began rubbing his bare buttocks as well as in the groove between,” the report states.

The masseur said he felt uncomfortable and left, but Travolta followed and offered to “soap up” his back in the shower. He continued to make lewd comments about homosexual fantasies, and asked the employee to give him “something to fantasize about.”

The incident was reported to the Palm Springs Sheriff’s Department, but the case was “closed unfounded” after an officer determined that “details do not meet the elements of battery … or sexual battery.”

This type of accusation isn’t new to Travolta; he was sued over accusations that he tried to have sex with a male masseur at the Beverly Hills Hotel in 2012, and another masseur in Atlanta alleged a similar complaint.

Travolta, who is married to Kelly Preston and has denied being gay in the past, was accused of touching the massage therapist’s genitals during an appointment. The lawsuits were later withdrawn.

The publication of this Palm Springs incident comes on the heels of exposure of several of Hollywood’s elite being accused of sexual misconduct by a variety of victims. Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K. and Jeremy Piven are among those recently accused of harassment or sexual assault.

Photo credit: Getty / Emma McEntyre / Stringer