Gordon Ramsay's Savage Takedowns of Amateurs' Meals Are the Best Thing on Twitter

Gordon Ramsay may be one of the highest-ranking chefs in the world (his restaurants have been awarded 16 Michelin stars and counting), but he might possibly be better known for his colorful language.

Between his shows like Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, we're used to seeing him verbally tear other chefs limb from limb. And now the 51-year-old chef is using his strong Twitter following to roast photos that amateur chefs send him of their meals.

Check out some of Ramsay's hottest takes on meals from around the world.

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Not only is Ramsay a wild man on social media, but he also proved his savage chops in the real world when he went hunting for Burmese pythons near the Florida everglades this summer.

Ramsay and his son, Jack, joined python hunter Kyle Penniston for an episode of the chef's show, The F Word With Gordon Ramsay, where they captured three of the snakes that Florida wildlife officials have labeled as "invasive."

After capturing the enormous snakes, Ramsey made a meal out of them using only a portable oven.

“It tasted amazing,” Penniston said of the dish. “Gordon is a great person and cook.”