'Ghost Hunters' Richel Stratton and Brandon Alvis Preview Haunting at St. Joseph Plantation With 'Blood on the Bayou' Episode (Exclusive)


'Ghost Hunters' Richel Stratton and Brandon Alvis Preview Haunting at St. Joseph Plantation With 'Blood on the Bayou' Episode (Exclusive)

Kevin Hart's Ex-Wife Speaks out Amid Extortion Case

In the wake of the extortion case coming against comedian-turned-actor, Kevin Hart, his ex-wife is speaking out about how his behaviour is not an isolated incident.

Torrei Hart -- in an interview with Inside Edition that aired on Monday, Sept. 18 -- she said that his 'lies and infidelity' ultimately ended their marriage.

"When I met him, he was selling sneakers," she said. "He started to get fame and I'm kind of feeling a little left behind. We grew apart.

"I have an ex-husband who has repeatedly used me in his stand-up routines. For years, I had to endure that."

The two divorced in 2011 and has maintained, what she called, an amicable relationship for the two children that they share, Heaven, 12 and Hendrix, 9. Hart is expecting his third child, a boy, with his current wife, Eniko Parrish.

Hart is now the subject of an extortion case in relation to a sex tape showing the 38-year-old cheating on his wife at a recent party.

Hart addressed the situation on Saturday by apologizing to his family for the “major lapse in judgment,” vowing not to be taken advantage of by “anyone looking for a quick payday.”

The Instagram video he posted read, "I made a bad error in judgement and I put myself in a bad environment where only bad things can happen and they did. And in doing that I know that I’m going to hurt the people closest to me, who’ve I talked to and apologized to, that would be my wife and my kids."

The extortionist is said to be demanding millions of dollars in exchange for not releasing the video, according to one outlet. The FBI is reportedly investigating the case.

Torrei Hart made a quick comment on one other curious incident in the recent past.

Parish posted to her Instagram account earlier this year, "8 years together. 1 year married. Forever to go!" To which fans were quick to acknowledge that Kevin and Torrei were still married six years ago, meaning that the first two years he was with Eniko were together were an extramarital affair.

"I can't say yes, I can't say no," Torrei said. "All I can say is if it happened to me, it could happen to anyone."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jason LaVeris