Watch: Zoe Saldana Was 'Shocked' When Britney Spears Leaked the 'GOTG' Star's Pregnancy News

Zoe Saldana's twins are 2 years old now, so many people might have forgotten that it was actually Britney Spears who leaked the actress's pregnancy news.

During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, the Guardians of the Galaxy star confirmed that her costar had spilled the beans, but assured host Andy Cohen that there were no hard feelings.

"We were on the same flight from L.A. to New York and we just talked for the duration of the flight," the 38-year-old explained of how the slip-up happened. "She has two boys, I was having twins — and we had a beautiful talk. And I forgot — it never even occurred to me to not to say anything. We weren't trying to hide it, we were just trying to be discreet."

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Days after that flight, Spears was asked about whether she would work with Saldana again and she replied, "Who knows? That's a very good idea. But she's pregnant with twins right now. So I'm sure she's got a huge future ahead of her."

Even though the news spread earlier than expected, Saldana doesn't mind one bit.

"The way that it happened was so innocent that I never even thought of holding her accountable for anything," Saldana said. "She was just being Britney. I love her — I don't mean that in a negative way, I mean that in the way that she lives her life in such truth."

"I was shocked because we weren't ready to sort of share that. But it was Britney, so it's okay," she added.


[H/T YouTube/Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen]


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